Lighting Assessment Shows Significant Savings Potential in Dauphin Precision Tool’s Facility

PennTAP completed a lighting assessment and compressed air leak check at Dauphin Precision Tool’s two facilities. The assessment shows that Dauphin Precision Tool will see an annual savings of $47,000 by upgrading the lighting system to LEDs and fixing the compressed air leaks.

Lighting Assessment Yields Potential Savings of $33,000 for Mifflin County Nonprofit

The Mifflin County Industrial Development Corporation (MCIDC) facility consists of multiple buildings leased by various businesses. An analysis of five of those buildings by a team of PennTap technical advisors and students determined that upgrading the lighting in those five buildings could save 164 tons of greenhouse emissions (or approximately 387,000 kWh of electricity) annually, equaling a savings of $33,000 per year.