Lighting Assessment Shows Significant Savings Potential in Dauphin Precision Tool’s Facility

“PennTAP field staff were very professional and did a great job with the assessment.” – Dauphin Precision Tool

The Need

Dauphin Precision Tool is a specialty tool manufacturer in Millersburg, Pennsylvania.

The PennTAP Connection

Two PennTAP technical advisors and a group of Penn State Energy Engineering students visited the facility to observe operations and collect data regarding potential energy-saving opportunities.

The Project

This project was supported and funded by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection and the U.S. Department of Energy’s State Energy Program.  PennTAP completed a lighting assessment and compressed air leak check at the company’s two facilities. The students were responsible for documenting the existing lighting at the facility. In addition, the students used ultrasonic leak detectors to identify compressed air leaks.

The Outcome

The outcome shows that Dauphin Precision Tool will be able to save 1,677 million British Thermal Units (BTU) per year, equivalent to $47,000. The cost savings factor in the cost of upgrading the lighting system to LEDs and fixing the compressed air leaks. PennTAP has offered further assistance with a grant of up to $17,500 to help pay for lighting upgrades.

About the Company

Dauphin Precision Tool, LLC
200 Front St
Millersburg PA 17061
County: Dauphin
Employees: 115
Industry: Metals