E3: Economy, Energy, and Environment

E3 assessments feature the application of continuous improvement techniques focused on energy and environmental issues. During the E3 assessment, we will make strategy recommendations for increasing process efficiency and pollution prevention while decreasing energy consumption. Once complete, your team will have the tools necessary to implement additional continuous improvement projects in the future. 

During an E3 event, we will partner with a lean/continuous improvement consultant to provide E3 training for a team of employees at your company. A continuous improvement expert will work with your team to create a value stream map (VSM) of a product line or process at your company to identify areas of where downtime, product build-up, and waste are occurring.

We will work with you to create a future state map depicting what the overall process will look like once the inefficiencies and waste identified during the VSM have been corrected. We will provide your team with an action plan outlining the necessary steps to reach the future state as well as who is responsible for each implementation.  An E3 assessment will typically consist of three to four days; one day for our energy assessment and three days for the E3 training. 

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