Pollution Prevention and Energy Efficiency (P2/E2)

Pollution prevention is any practice that reduces, eliminates, or prevents pollution at its source, while energy efficiency refers to the concept of using less energy to provide the same service. If you are a Pennsylvania company with fewer than 500 employees, you can benefit from a P2/E2 assessment, which can help your company minimize environmental or energy costs and reduce overall operating costs. 

A P2/E2 assessment typically takes just a few hours on-site and/or through a series of virtual conversations, and shortly thereafter we will provide you with a technical report summarizing conservation opportunities, estimated project costs, available funding sources, and the corresponding payback periods. The report also includes a utility bill analysis to baseline your usage and aid in uncovering any anomalies in your energy costs. Such assessments can be company-wide in scope or focused on specific equipment, depending on the size and needs of your site. 

Typical areas of focus include: 

  • boilers 
  • compressed air 
  • motors 
  • process heating 
  • lighting 
  • insulation
  • refrigeration 
  • industrial fans 
  • water conservation 
  • waste reduction 
  • HVAC 
  • building envelope 
  • process equipment 

Because repairs and upgrades to equipment or controls can involve capital investment, a P2/E2 assessment includes an evaluation of potential funding resources, such as grants and rebates, that may be available to help offset those capital costs. Even better, we offer assistance with completing and filing the necessary reports and applications to obtain that funding. 

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