We take a holistic approach to all our work with clients. This means that regardless of what project or question you come to us with, our team of technical advisors will utilize their expertise and our organization’s vast university and industry network to help bring your whole facility to the next level – whether that be crunching numbers for potential equipment upgrades, outlining your energy grant eligibility, or connecting you to a top-notch university or industry collaborator. 

Energy & Operational Assessments

Our no-cost energy and operational assessments are designed to help Pennsylvania companies conserve energy and reduce waste in their facilities, lowering energy-related costs, increasing profits, and decreasing overall environmental impact. Our team of highly skilled and certified technical advisors not only assesses existing energy systems, but also explores opportunities for equipment upgrades and quantifies those opportunities into financial terms. 

Energy Grants and Rebates 

Our team helps Pennsylvania companies identify and secure funding opportunities that offset the cost of capital improvements. We calculate potential savings for our clients and help submit applications for resources earmarked for energy efficiency project implementation. Identification of funding available to your business and estimates of project payback are key components of our technical reports every client receives.

University Connection 

We offer unique access to an abundance of resources from Penn State University, one of the premier universities in the country, including faculty expertise, a research center, state of the art facilities as well as students.