Energy Upgrades Help Kurtz Bros. Realize Savings Annually

PennTAP helped Kurtz Bros. realize a total short-term annual savings of $12,000 by adding insulation and controlled heating, and identified the long-term annual savings of $86,500 by upgrading to natural gas IR heaters. PennTAP plans to assist the company with a grant application of $35,500 through United States Department of Agriculture and Rural Energy for America Program.

PennTAP Helps XMP LLC Pitch Products, Gain Grant Money

With PennTAP’s help, XMP LLC was awarded $14,000 via three separate student competitions in the 2015–16 fiscal year. In addition, XMP LLC was awarded a Penn State Learning Factory engineering student project and won a First Place Award. XMP LLC also completed the Ben Franklin TechCelerator program and has currently established their business in Penn State Innovation Park.

Rafferty Electrical Systems Boosts Internet Performance for Better Productivity

PennTAP helped Rafferty Electrical Systems identify a financially viable alternative to their less-than-adequate Internet connection. The new Internet service provides a more-than-acceptable Internet performance boost, allowing the company to perform daily Internet activities without experiencing unnecessary delays. The economic impact is estimated at $72,050.

PennTAP Helps Iron Horse Engraving Restore Google Rating and Sales

PennTAP discovered that the Iron Horse Engraving website had been hacked. The website was then updated, eliminating the illegitimate web pages and securing it from further attacks, and Google’s Index was rebuilt. Although there is no effective method to identify the amount of lost sales, the total economic impact is estimated at $70,000.

Palcon Reduces Carbon Footprint for Increased Energy Savings

Palcon wanted to reduce their energy consumption and the carbon footprint of their production operation. PennTAP performed substantial research, data review, energy calculations, and analysis, and found energy saving opportunities. Improvements resulted in a cost savings of $20,000 per year. Palcon also received a $5,000 SBAG grant award to upgrade their lighting.

PennTAP Assists Student Entrepreneur with Product Promotion and Funding

PennTAP’s Innovation Team helped a student entrepreneur gain exposure and financial support through her participation in some campus competitions, to demonstrate her speech assistance technology prototype device. She won the Lion LaunchPad award, received Penn State Summer Founders Award of $10,000, and won first place and $17,000 in start-up funding in 2015 Inc.U Intercollegiate competition.