Energy & Operational Assessments

From kilns in ceramic manufacturing sites to welders in industrial facilities to freezers in ice cream shops to grain dryers on farms, we assess the efficiency of and advise on potential upgrades for any and every aspect of your facility in our holistic assessment approach.

Pollution Prevention and Energy Efficiency (P2/E2) Projects 

P2/E2 on-site and virtual assessments for Pennsylvania manufacturers typically last two to eight hours and can help your company minimize environmental or energy costs and reduce overall operating costs. 

Economy, Energy, and Environment (E3) Projects 

E3 assessments feature the application of continuous improvement techniques focused on energy and environmental issues. During the E3 assessment, we will make strategy recommendations for increasing process efficiency and pollution prevention while decreasing energy consumption.

We also partner with a lean/continuous improvement consultant to provide E3 training for a team of employees at your company. An E3 assessment will typically consist of three to four days; one day for our energy assessment and three days for the E3 training.

Energy Management Systems (EnMSs), ISO 50001, and Superior Energy Performance (SEP) 

An EnMS helps organizations take a systematic approach to achieving continual improvement in energy performance. ISO 50001 and SEP projects are more formal, long-term, large-in-scope initiatives using an EnMS to continuously lower energy use by efficiently managing and improving energy performance and delivering significant energy savings.  

Companies can receive all the benefits of ISO 50001 certification without the expense by participating in the DOE 50001 Ready Navigator program. Learn more about our no-cost DOE 50001 Ready Cohort for manufacturers.