EarthNet Energy’s Improved Web Presence Leads to Multiple Economic Benefits

PennTAP assisted EarthNet Energy with improving their website ranking and social media marketing. The return on investment reported through the economic benefits survey was $3,000 in cost avoidance, $3,000 in capital expenditures, two jobs created or retained, and approximately $36,000 in total economic benefits.

Penn State Student Engagement — Energy Assessments for Pennsylvania Manufacturers

The Anvil facility sustainability team, along with PennTAP advisors and Penn State students, suggested energy assessment improvements that resulted in a 33% reduction in electricity per compressor, a $65,000 cost savings per year, a savings of 400,000 kWh annually, and a reduction in 25 million gallons of water.

PennTAP Helps Mack Trucks Realize Sustainable Energy Solutions and Certifications

PennTAP staff helped Mack Trucks participate in Pennsylvania’s ISO 50001/Superior Energy Performance (SEP) Demonstration Project to improve energy performance in lighting, the air compressor system, and HVAC controls and system efficiency, which led to, over a 10-year period, approximately 40% in verified energy savings.