Energy Assessment Yields Benefits for Mitcheltree

The PennTAP advisor was thorough and very kind. This process was completely Greek to us, and he helped us to understand the necessary steps to take.

Mitcheltree Brothers Logging,

The Need

Mitcheltree Brothers Logging is a lumber company located in Pulaski, Pennsylvania. The company recently purchased a building to expand operations and is interested in upgrading the heating system to be more efficient.

The PennTAP Connection

Mitcheltree contacted PennTAP to conduct an energy efficiency analysis and help determine the most efficient heating system. PennTAP also assessed the facility for other energy-saving opportunities.

The Project

This project was supported and funded by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection and the U.S. Department of Energy’s State Energy Program. PennTAP performed energy calculations and analysis and compared multiple heating systems most appropriate for the facility. The energy assessment was also focused on upgrading to an LED system and installing additional lighting in the facility. PennTAP provided assistance with an application for the Rural Energy for America Program (REAP) grant to upgrade their heating system to high-efficiency natural gas heaters.

The Outcome

PennTAP analysis determined that Mitcheltree could save up to 1,255 MMBTU per year by upgrading lighting to LEDs, installing new LEDs, and installing a high-efficiency natural gas heating system. Mitcheltree received a grant of more than $13,500 for its $55,000 project to upgrade the heating system to natural gas.

About the Company

Mitcheltree Brothers Logging & Lumber, Inc.
8485 Mercer St
Pulaski PA 16143
County: Lawrence
Employees: 17
Industry: Wood Products