Huntingdon Fiberglass Sees Savings after Implementing PennTAP’s Energy Improvement Suggestions

The Need

Huntingdon Fiberglass is a fiberglass manufacturer located in Huntingdon, Pennsylvania. The comfort heating in the production area is supplied by a 200-horsepower (hp) boiler and a 300-hp boiler, installed in 1962. Typical operation entails operating the 200-hp boiler at the beginning and end of the heating season, with the 300-hp boiler operating during the coldest portion of the heating season. Huntingdon Fiberglass wanted a review of the existing boilers and associated heating system to assess any energy saving improvements.

The PennTAP Connection

Two PennTAP technical advisors and six Penn State energy engineering students visited the facility to observe operations and collect data regarding potential energy saving improvements. This service was offered to Huntingdon Fiberglass at no cost, due to grant funding through the Department of Energy (DOE) State Energy Program and the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection Agency (DEP).

The Project

The PennTAP advisors and the students assessed the main boilers and associated heating system at the facility. They completed a combustion analysis, monitored the piping for insulation issues, and evaluated the benefits from repairing the site’s economizer.

The Outcome

PennTAP recommended energy saving improvements on the order of 2,620 million British thermal units (MMBTU) per year, equivalent to 12% of the boilers natural gas usage. Implementing the recommendations would save $12,500 annually. The implementation cost is $4,200, giving a simple payback period of approximately four months. Recommendations included optimizing the air-to-fuel ratio, insulating the pipes and condensate tanks, limiting the amount of blow-down water, and repairing the economizer at the site.

About the Company

Huntingdon Fiberglass Products, LLC
1200 Susquehanna Avenue
Huntingdon PA 16652
Kyle Frank

County: Huntingdon

Employees: 80
Industry: Fiberglass Manufacturing