PennTAP Helps Iron Horse Engraving Restore Google Rating and Sales

The Need

The Iron Horse Engraving website had been hacked. The “true” website consisted of 19 web pages but because of the hack, had exploded it more than 7,500 web pages in Google’s Index. The illegitimate web pages were all focused on the gambling industry.

The PennTAP Connection

During a courtesy analysis, the PennTAP consultant discovered that the website had been hacked. After contacting the business owner to notify him of the situation, the owner requested that PennTAP work with his developer toward a resolution.

The Project

PennTAP not only discovered and identified the website hack, but worked with the developer to eliminate the illegitimate web pages and ensured that the hackers remained at bay. The most detrimental impact was a delusion of the Google Index, where the website became focused on the gambling industry because of the hack. The process of cleaning up Google’s index took considerable time and dedication by PennTAP. Numerous methods were executed in an effort to have Google completely rebuild its index of the website to eliminate all the hacked content. This process included many attempts using the Google Search Console feature. Finally, a physical letter from the PennTAP consultant to Google brought about a positive resolution.

The Outcome

The website was updated, eliminating the illegitimate web pages and securing it from further attacks, and Google’s Index was finally rebuilt, eliminating the thousands of hacked web pages. Google now properly identifies the keyword focus of the website.

Because of the hack there is no effective method to identify the amount of lost sales due to the impact of the gambling web pages that the website once contained.

Total Economic Impact: $70,000
Jobs Saved: 1

About the Company

Iron Horse Engraving
Laser engraving wood and glass creating uniquely designed products; also a line of model train kits
207 Canterbury Dr.
State College PA 16803

County: Centre

Employees: 1
Industry: Lumber, Wood, and Paper
Client Type: Manufacturer