Tanna Pugh


Expertise in: Technology Transfer, Business Development, Managing Federal and State Grant Projects and Contracts, Client Relationships with Private Sector Companies

Denise Bechdel, CEA, REP

Energy and Environment Team Lead

Expertise in: On-site Pollution Prevention and Energy Efficiency Assessments, Assists with Regulatory Compliance Issues, and Performs Feasibility Studies for Alternative Energy Projects

Alanna Colvin, CEM

Technical Advisor

Expertise in: Building Re-Tuning (BRT), Energy Efficiency, Pollution Prevention, and Environmental Compliance

Jenn Jones, CSSGB

Technical Advisor

Expertise in: Environmental Compliance and Lean Management

Amy Jorden

Technical Advisor

Expertise in: Manufacturing, Customer Service, and Managing Client Relationships with Private Sector Companies

Heidi Shadeck, P.G.

Technical Advisor

Expertise in: Regulatory Compliance, Client Relationships, and Project Managements

Elizabeth Timblin

Administrative Coordinator

Expertise in: Finance, Business Administration

D’Varon Feliciano

Student Intern

Expertise in: Process Development, Lean Production, and Operation Analytics

Suhas Hurli Gopalakrishna

Student Intern

Expertise in: Supply Chain Analytics, Business Process Modeling and Manufacturing Optimization

Gibran Haque

Student Intern

Expertise in: Manufacturing, Lean Six Sigma, Supply Chain Analytics

Swanand Vaidya

Student Intern

Expertise in: Quality, Manufacturing and Supply Chain