Tanna Pugh


Expertise in: Technology Transfer and Business Development

Denise Bechdel

Energy and Environment Team Lead

Expertise in: On-site Pollution Prevention and Energy Efficiency Assessments, Assists with Regulatory Compliance Issues, and Performs Feasibility Studies for Alternative Energy Projects

Tim Kerchinski

Innovation Team Lead

Expertise in: Managing Federal and State Grant Projects, and Contracts and Customer Relationships with Private Sector Companies

Alanna Colvin

Technical Advisor

Expertise in: Energy Efficiency

Matt McHale

Technical Advisor

Expertise in: Energy Efficiency, Pollution Prevention, and Environmental Compliance

Royal Smith

Senior Technical Advisor

Expertise in: Energy Efficiency, Pollution Prevention, and Environmental Compliance

Hari Jammulamadaka

Student Intern

Expertise in: Energy Auditing, Lean Manufacturing Auditing

Rishabh Kamat

Student Intern

Expertise in: Manufacturing and Operations

Sudesh Kesarkar

Student Intern

Expertise in: Data Science, Strategy Development and Optimization

Madison Woodrow

Student Intern

Expertise in: Marketing and Public Relations