Linh Tran

Student Intern

Location: University Park

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Linh Tran is a Bachelor of Science in Applied Data Science student at Pennsylvania State University, expected to graduate in May 2025. Her academic pursuits are complemented by a minor in Energy Business and Finance, and a certificate in Smeal Fundamental Business. Linh is proficient in Python, SQL, R, Tableau, Power BI, Google Analytics, and Excel. Her expertise covers data cleaning, visualization, statistical analysis, predictive modeling, and ETL processes.
Professionally, Linh has been a Global Strategy and Analysis Coordinator at Penn State Global, where she developed a Python-based tool for grant proposal analysis and managed global partnerships. She also contributed as a Project Assistant at the Office of Planning Assessment and Institutional Research, enhancing project operations efficiency by 20% through her data insights. As a Data Management Intern at the Sustainability Institute at Penn State, Linh’s role involved collecting and analyzing sustainability metrics, addressing Power BI report issues, and improving accuracy in carbon emissions reporting.
Her experience as a Business Insight Analyst at The Daily Collegian highlights her ability to use analytics for marketing and product improvements, which led to a significant reduction in website drop-off rates and an increase in social media engagement. Linh’s academic projects, including the Customer Churn Model and British Airways Customer Review analysis, demonstrate her adeptness in applying data science techniques for business decision-making.
Linh Tran combines her technical skills, professional experience, and academic background to effectively contribute to the field of data science and analytics.