PennTAP Helps Maple Syrup Producer Acquire Funding for New Reverse Osmosis System

I had the absolute best experience working with PennTAP, and I will highly recommend them to all sugar makers looking for help with the grant program.

Michele Mihailov, Owner, Frost Ridge Maple Farm

The Need

Frost Ridge Maple Farm is the third largest maple syrup producer in Pennsylvania. Their products are all organic and the wood used in their process is sustainably harvested from their own land. Owner Michele Mihailov learned about PennTAP through our website and reached out for assistance in applying for the USDA’s Rural Energy for America Program (REAP) grant to fund the implementation of a new reverse osmosis system. 

The Project

PennTAP Advisor Jenn Jones determined the REAP grant would be the best option for the client, but also referred her to a secondary grant program, the Environmental Quality Incentive’s Program (EQIP) through the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) for additional funding options. Jones evaluated the energy consumption of Mihailov’s current reverse osmosis system and determined the savings to be achieved once the system was upgraded. She also completed the REAP Energy Assessment for Energy Efficiency Improvements Report required for Mihailov’s REAP application.  

A grant from the Department of Environmental Protection funded this energy assessment. 

“Michele was a pleasure to work with,” Jones said. “Her commitment to sustainably producing organic maple syrup surpasses no other.” 

Outcomes and Benefits

Frost Ridge Maple Farm was awarded a REAP grant of $22,565. The maple syrup producer also received an additional $14,000 in grant funding from EQIP for the new reverse osmosis system based on the gallons they produce.  

The implementation of the new reverse osmosis system is expected to save 3,218 kWh per year, equivalent to $458 in savings per year. The new system will also save 18 cords or 441 MMBtu per year. 

The client has implemented the new system and will begin using the equipment during the 2022 maple syrup season.  

PennTAP is committed to helping achieve eight of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Of those eight goals, this project aligned with: 

#9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure 

#12: Responsible Consumption and Production 

#13: Climate Action 

About the Client

Frost Ridge Maple Farm
14611 Dickson St.
Guys Mills PA, 16327
Phone: (814) 337-2483
County: Crawford
Industry: Maple Syrup Production