PennTAP Helps Coca-Cola Facility Identify Environmental and Cost-Saving Opportunities

The Need

Coca-Cola North America operates a multifaceted bottling facility in Centre County, Pennsylvania. The facility produces a number of beverages, including water.

The PennTAP Connection

A Coca-Cola employee attended a lean manufacturing training provided by Innovative Manufacturers Center (IMC). Following the training, PennTAP and IMC offered to work together to help Coca-Cola find areas for savings by touring their facility to review their processes and identify areas for improvement.

The Project

PennTAP, IMC, and Coca-Cola collaborated to develop a value stream map for one of their water bottling lines. The value stream map documented each step of the water bottling process, including plastic molding, water filling, sealing, and final packaging, and assessed all of the inputs involved in each step, including electricity, employee time, environmental waste, maintenance procedures, and downtime. While on-site, PennTAP also completed a lighting assessment and a heater survey.

The Outcome

Leveraging PennTAP’s energy and environmental expertise, IMC’s process engineering expertise, and Coca-Cola’s knowledge of the facility, the team was able to identify cost-saving opportunities that were previously hidden. The lighting project is estimated to save 1.32 million kWh of electricity per year, equivalent to thousands of dollars a year. The lighting project is currently being completed at the site.

About the Company

The Coca-Cola Company
Phone: 814-357-8600
217 Aqua Penn Drive, Howard, PA 16841
County: Centre
Industry: Food Processing