PennTAP Connects Small Metal Fabrication Company with Project Funding Opportunities

PennTAP has been a great resource for MCS. They have always been good at assessing our needs and helping us to find funding and other resources to offset our capital expenditures.

Bob McGowan, CEO and Founder, MCS

The Need

Mission Critical Solutions (MCS) is a metal fabrication company located in Alum Bank, Pennsylvania. It is a small business that is always looking for programs to offset capital expenditures and help them grow as a company.

In fall of 2019, MCS came to PennTAP looking for recommendations on upgrading both their onsite boiler system and the lighting system in their newly acquired machine shop.

The PennTAP Connection

MCS first worked with PennTAP in fall of 2018 when an advisor helped increase the efficiency of the compressed air system at the facility. The company now regularly looks to PennTAP for help with assessing their needs and finding funding opportunities.

The Project

This project was funded in part by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection and the U.S. Department of Energy’s State Energy Program. To address the boiler and lighting upgrades, PennTAP recommended insulating the steam and condensate return pipes and replacing one of the boilers with a condensing boiler while keeping the other as a back-up.

PennTAP also helped MCS apply for grants, including a Small Business Advantage Grant (SBAG) to cover the cost of the lighting upgrades and several innovation-related grants to help offset the cost of product testing. In addition, PennTAP connected MCS to the Penn State Learning Factory where the small business was able to collaborate with teams of student engineers on two additional projects. Student teams first helped MCS design a disaster preparedness and security barrier kit that would protect individuals and properties from flooding.

The second project entailed reorienting and re-configuring the equipment on the production floor in order to maximize efficiency. PennTAP will continue to work with MCS in the fall of 2020 on a Rural Energy for America Program (REAP) grant application and a second SBAG application to offset the costs of upgrading the boiler system. The PennTAP team also plans to help MCS explore the implementation of solar power to reduce electric costs at their facility.

The Outcome

To date, PennTAP has helped MCS save a total of 19,187 kWH/yr or $1,829 on annual electric costs. PennTAP has also assisted MCS in acquiring five grants for energy efficiency upgrades and innovation projects, totaling $87,432.

About the Client

Mission Critical Solutions (MCS)
271 Industrial Lane
Alum Bank, PA 15521
Phone: (814) 839-2078
County: Bedford
Industry: Metal fabrication