Paper Company Cuts Costs by Upgrading Lighting and Air System

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Blair Robine, Maintenance Manager

The Need

Roaring Spring Paper Products was looking for opportunities to save energy and cut costs throughout their facility. By collaborating with a PennTAP advisor and student team, they identified two areas in need of improvement: outdated lighting and audible leaks in the compressed air system.

The PennTAP Connection

Roaring Spring Paper Products learned about PennTAP through targeted email communication. The company decided to reach out to PennTAP directly because of their tie to Penn State and the potential to save energy and money through retrofits and redesigns.

The Project

This project was funded in part by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection and the U.S. Department of Energy’s State Energy Program. PennTAP assessed the client’s need by doing a facility walk-through. Because the lighting system had all T8 fluorescent bulbs, the PennTAP team recommended an upgrade to light-emitting diodes (LEDs). PennTAP completed an audit of the compressed air system, using an ultrasonic leak detector, to identify leaks. In addition, PennTAP worked with Roaring Spring to identify areas in which the facility could use electricity in place of compressed air as a sustainable energy source, to eliminate an energy conversion step.

The Outcome

Once the recommended upgrades have been made by Roaring Spring Paper Products, PennTAP estimates that the company can save 1,600 MMBTU per year, 184 tons per year of GHG emissions, and total costs of $19,750 per year—and receive $6,000 in rebates in a 1.4-year payback period. The company has begun to upgrade their lighting and has spent $1,000. In doing so, the company has saved $4,000 with avoided costs included and 7,500 kWh in energy consumption. This project is still ongoing.

About the Company

Roaring Spring Paper Products
235 Apple Packer Road
Martinsburg, PA 16662
Phone: 814-224-5141
County: Blair
Employees: 142
Industry: Paper Converting