Custom Molding Company’s Award-Winning Energy Efficient Upgrades Total $27,000 Savings Per Year

It is because of the PennTAP team that we are going to be better stewards of the environment and, as a bonus, save money while doing it!

Daniel Fredericks, General Manager

The Need

The Ralph S. Alberts Company is a full-service and multi-faceted custom molding company serving industries such as medical, recreation and amusement, military, industrial, and more for over half a century. The company wanted their manufacturing process to be more energy efficient and made two significant energy efficiency upgrades: a high-efficiency fluidized bed furnace and LED lighting.

The PennTAP Connection

The Ralph S. Alberts Company learned about PennTAP through their success with other Pennsylvania manufacturers. PennTAP technical advisors worked closely with the company to review and document current conditions, make positive  recommendations on energy efficiency upgrades, and provide them information on securing grant funding for future upgrades.

The Project

This project was funded in part by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection and the U.S. Department of Energy’s State Energy Program. With the help of PennTAP advisors, Ralph S. Alberts Company installed a fluidized bed furnace to replace an existing, less energy efficient, burn-off system. The fluidized bed furnace removed degraded polyurethane from metal frames that provide the internal structure for amusement park ride equipment. Once the polyurethane was removed from the frame, it could be inspected for safety, remanufactured and reused. The new burn-off system saved energy by using quartz sand as a heating medium instead of air. Since sand is significantly denser than air, energy transfers to the polyurethane more quickly and efficiently. This reduces the time required to remove material and increases energy efficiency.

The company is also upgrading their lighting to LEDs and, to date, has replaced 269 bulbs. The new lighting reduces energy costs and improves lighting quality for employees.

The Outcome

The total energy efficiency and pollution prevention projects implemented by Ralph S. Alberts Company saves them 6,900 MMBTU in natural gas and over 10,000 kWh in electric consumption annually, which is equal to saving $27,000 annually on natural gas and over $1,000 for electic costs. Additionally, the energy efficiency and pollution prevention project benefits the environment, eliminating 410 tons of carbon dioxide.

The company continues to work with PennTAP to obtain DEP Small Business Advantage Grant (SBAG) and is working with PPL for additional rebates on upgraded lighting. PennTAP also nominated the company for the 2019 Governor’s Award for Environmental Excellence which they won.

About the Company

Ralph S. Alberts Company, Inc.
60 Choate Circle
Montoursville, PA 17754
Phone: 570-368-6653
County: Lycoming
Industry: Molding