DOE 50001 Ready Cohorts

About 50001 Ready Cohorts

The U.S. Department of Energy’s 50001 Ready program recognizes organizations and their sites for implementing an energy management system aligned with ISO 50001 standards. It offers a cost-effective method for fostering a culture of ongoing energy efficiency without the need for audits or certifications. By attaining 50001 Ready recognition, organizations advance towards greater and consistent energy savings, aligning with their objectives for energy, carbon, or cost reduction. Following recognition, many organizations pursue further improvements and audits before aiming for ISO 50001 certification.

Watch our webinar below on Implementing an Energy Management System with the 50001 Ready Program:

Over the course of the program, manufacturers will receive free training from PennTAP’s staff which include Certified Energy Managers (CEMs) using Department of Energy (DOE)-developed resources to support your organization as you pursue your energy management path.

The cohort program includes:  

  • Up to 12 months of support from ISO 50001 experts delivered via monthly cohort group training webinars 
  • Monthly virtual one-on-one coaching sessions with each participating site 
  • On-demand guidance on the use of 50001 Ready tools and resources, including the 50001 Ready Navigator
  • Opportunities for peer-to-peer learning

This cohort will focus on the 25 tasks of the 50001 Ready Navigator and will include additional material on Environmental Management Systems and Decarbonization for a holistic approach.

Participant requirements:

  • 1 manufacturing facility located in Pennsylvania. (Multiple sites may be included in the same cohort.)
  • 2 dedicated team members per site – preferably 1 from leadership and 1 from staff
  • About 20% time commitment per participant (2-4 days/mo, about 200 total hours)
  • Cost per company is $15,000 – grants available to offset costs!

The program will accept 5 to 10 sites and is best suited for U.S.-based industry, especially companies that have already gone through the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications, or equivalents. Companies with multi-site locations will be counted separately.

Participation will be approved after a formal review process.

The next 50001 cohort is expected to launch in late 2024-early 2025.

If your company is interested in participating and would like to be notified on the official launch dates, fill out this entry form, or contact your regional PennTAP advisor to enter the program.