Recorded Webinars

The following PennTAP webinars have been recorded and are available to view on demand. Selecting a webinar will open it in a new window using Adobe Connect.

The Entrepreneurship Ecosystem at Penn State

Date Recorded: Nov 29, 2018

PennTAP will host this webinar intended to explain how you can “plug-in” to the network of entrepreneurial assistance, resources, and tools at Penn State.

Internet of Things for Smarter Manufacturing

Date Recorded: Jul 31, 2018

This talk will introduce new parallel algorithms for large-scale IoMT machine information processing, network modeling, condition monitoring, and fault diagnosis.

Basics of Building Re-Tuning (BRT)

Date Recorded: Jun 21, 2018

This PennTAP webinar will assist those involved with building operations learn how to operate buildings more efficiently, reduce operating costs, and provide energy savings.

The Road to Alternative Energy

Date Recorded: Feb 20, 2018

PennTAP will review methods to maximize energy efficiency, in order to minimize alternative energy equipment and installation costs.

The Entrepreneurship Ecosystem at Penn State

Date Recorded: Oct 19, 2017

Are you a student at Penn State who has toyed with the idea of starting a business, but you are not sure where to start or how to seek assistance? Penn State has a flourishing entrepreneurship ecosystem at most campuses that is waiting to engage with you! PennTAP will host this webinar intended to explain how you can “plug-in” to this network of assistance, resources, and tools to help you avoid mistakes, and get to success quicker. No matter where you are in the idea, product development, or establishment of a business, we can help steer you to the next steps and resources you need.

Engineering Design and Prototyping Resources Available at Penn State

Date Recorded: Jun 22, 2017

PennTAP is available to help organizations scope and administer projects within Penn State's College of Engineering outreach assistance programs. This webinar will cover the details of numerous programs available to the public, and will help generate ideas and calls to action for future projects. The Penn State Learning Factory (that uses Penn State undergraduate senior engineering students) and the Integrated Design Solutions (that uses Penn State engineering faculty and graduate students) programs will be highlighted. If your firm is a startup or an organization of any size involved in new product development and commercialization, or new process design, this webinar is for you.

Developing an Energy Baseline for Complex Facilities

Date Recorded: May 18, 2017

This PennTAP webinar reviewed the steps for developing and analyzing the energy baseline at industrial facilities and large commercial buildings. PennTAP reviewed how to identify major energy use inputs, the tools required for the project, and how to accurately account for variables. A well-developed energy baseline will allow for the identification of suitable energy efficiency projects and the incorporation of corporate energy footprint into longer-term decision making.

E3 Overview: Economy-Energy-Environment, Success Stories from Pennsylvania Manufacturers

Date Recorded: Mar 16, 2017

The E3: Economy, Energy, and Environment assessments provide manufacturers with customized, hands-on analyses of production processes to reduce energy consumption, prevent pollution, increase productivity, and drive innovation to thrive n today's green economy. E3 is helping communities and manufacturers reduce pollution and energy use while increasing profits and creating new job opportunities.

Pollution Prevention and Lean Manufacturing — Focus on Food Manufacturing

Date Recorded: Jan 19, 2017

PennTAP will review the common pollution prevention measures available within the food processing industry. PennTAP uses a mix of traditional pollution prevention tools and lean manufacturing techniques to maximize savings for Pennsylvania companies. The areas of focus will include food waste, packaging waste, solid waste, water, and energy.

Websites — Competitive, Search Engine Friendly, and Social Media Content

Date Recorded: Dec 15, 2016

Managing competitive online marketing is all about choosing the right options providing the best return on investment for your organization. Join PennTAP Advanced IT as we take you through the anatomy a good business website, how search engines work, and social media marketing tools. We will help you understand the best practices in online marketing for small and medium-sized organizations, and basic search engine optimization (SEO).

Information Technology Security and the Manufacturer

Date Recorded: Oct 5, 2016

Managing security is all about protecting the bottom line. Join PennTAP Advanced IT as we take you through assessing your most important assets - people, data, software, hardware and more. We will help you understand what the important security aspects are that manufacturers need to be aware of and basic protection of these important assets. This Webinar presents the fundamentals of what to protect and how to easily begin safeguarding them.