Entrepreneurial Assistance

University Center — Pennsylvania Regional Entrepreneurship Assistance Program (PA REAP)

PA REAP is a program supported by a grant from the U.S. Economic Development Administration (USEDA) to make the resources of PennTAP and Penn State available to the statewide small business and startup communities. These resources include specialized research, outreach, technology transfer, commercialization capabilities, as well as faculty expertise, sophisticated laboratories, and student recruiting opportunities.

The University Center is building a statewide assistance network that links Invent Penn State community innovation hubs (CIHs) to their regional, federal, and state economic development resource partners. The Center will assist and share best practices with CIH clients in the fields of programming and curriculum targeted to newer, high-skilled regional workforce requirements. The Center will further support CIHs by providing technical assistance and solutions in the pillar fields of Energy and Innovation Services.

The Center will bolster the regional entrepreneurial and developmental community, including students, start-ups, and small-to-midsize businesses, with a focus on supporting organizations located in economically distressed portions of the Commonwealth.