Innovation Services

Person sketching diagram on glass.

Newly formed start-ups, entrepreneurs, and expanding small to midsize businesses can find themselves lost as their ideas, products, and processes enter a period of rapid growth. They may find themselves facing market forces, finance and staffing issues, and material and technical advances beyond their scope of control. PennTAP is ready to help.

PennTAP can serve as a liaison between your organization and resources from Penn State, a Research 1 institution with access to cutting-edge technology, equipment, subject matter experts, and labs. PennTAP can also create relationships between your organization and a vast ecosystem of private and government resources that are concentrated in Pennsylvania, but can be found nationwide.

By working with PennTAP and carefully selected partners, you get assistance in evaluating the feasibility of a project, including design, proof-of-concept, process, and material issues. PennTAP can help you identify ideal prototyping and manufacturing facilities, and refer you to business development resources to assist in research, product testing, and go-to-market strategy.

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