Powdered Metals – Industry Trends and University Engagement Opportunities

When: Nov 18, 2021, 11:00 am – 12:00 pm
Where: Online Webinar

Pennsylvania has a long and storied history in the powdered metals industry. The economy north central region of the state continues to be powered by the industry and its related supply chain. With increased gobal competitiveness and challenging customer demands, companies must continue to explore different avenues of innovation in order to maintain and grow their businesses. This webinar will focus on how Penn State can assist companies in tackling challenging problems facing powdered metals companies today. 

In this webinar, PennTAP will joined by Dr. Todd Palmer, Professor of Engineering Science and Mechanics and Materials Science and Engineering and director of the Center for Innovative Sintered Products and Dr. Daudi Waryoba, Associate Professor of Engineering from Penn State Dubois. 

Dr. Palmer and Dr. Waryoba will present current research activities at Penn State as well as look at the future trends related to the powdered metals industry. They will also provide a discussion of the facilities at Penn State which can support industry needs and ways to engage with faculty and student expertise to solve challenging problems facing powdered metal companies today.