EnMS, ISO 50001, and SEP

Energy Management Systems (EnMS)

An EnMS creates a framework for industrial facilities, commercial facilities, or entire organizations to integrate energy efficiency into existing management systems for continuous energy performance improvement. An EnMS helps organizations of any size establish the structure and discipline to implement and document technical and management strategies that significantly cut energy costs and greenhouses gas emissions — and sustain those savings over time.

ISO 50001

ISO 50001 is an international energy management standard based on the Plan-DO-Check-Act (PDCA) model of continuous improvement. ISO 50001 provides organizations with a formal framework for efficiently managing and improving their energy performance. Benefits of implementing ISO 50001 include:

  • reduced energy costs
  • continually improving energy performance
  • improved corporate image
  • reduced GHG emissions
  • energy management aligned with the other business systems

Superior Energy Performance® (SEPTM)

The U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE’s) SEP program certifies industrial facilities that implement a data-driven energy management system that meets or exceeds the ISO 50001 standard and can achieve documented improved energy performance. An independent third party audits each facility to verify achievements and qualify it for recognition at the Silver, Gold, or Platinum level, based on performance. When implemented correctly, SEP certification drives deeper sustained savings than ISO 50001 implementation alone.

EnMS, ISO 50001, and SEP Training from PennTAP

PennTAP technical advisors can assist with the design and implementation of an energy management system tailored to the size of the company. In particular, PennTAP specializes in creating an EnMS for small to medium-sized companies. PennTAP can also train an organization’s employees on the ISO 50001 standard and fully prepare them for certification. Furthermore, PennTAP provides organizations implementing ISO 50001 with the assurance that they are maximizing the benefits from their use of the standard. PennTAP technical advisors are certified to assist companies with implementing an EnMS that meets the ISO 50001 and SEP requirements and to verify conformance to the standards.

Contact PennTAP with your questions on implementing EnMS, ISO 50001, and SEP in your facility. Our trained technical advisors are ready to help.