Energy and Environment Services

Energy and Environment Services

PennTAP’s Energy and Environment Services are designed to help Pennsylvania companies conserve energy and reduce wastes in their manufacturing facilities, lowering energy-related costs and increasing their profits. PennTAP technical advisors can identify applicable grants and incentives and quantify opportunities into financial terms.

Our Energy and Environment Services include:

Pollution Prevention and Energy Efficiency (P2/E2) Projects

P2/E2 on-site assessments for Pennsylvania manufacturers typically last two to eight hours and can help your company minimize environmental or energy costs and reduce overall operating costs.

Economy, Energy, and Environment (E3) Projects

E3 projects combine lean manufacturing techniques and pollution prevention with energy efficiency (P2/E2) to reduce energy and wastes. E3 projects are larger in scale and usually require multiple days on-site to complete.

Energy Management Systems (EnMSs), ISO 50001, and Superior Energy Performance (SEP)

An EnMS helps organizations take a systematic approach to achieving continual improvement in energy performance. ISO 50001 and SEP projects are more formal, long-term, large-in-scope initiatives using an EnMS to continuously lower energy use by efficiently managing and improving energy performance and delivering significant energy savings.

Energy Grants and Rebates

PennTAP helps Pennsylvania companies to identify funding sources, calculate potential savings, and submit applications for resources earmarked for energy efficiency project implementation. Identification of funding available to your business and providing estimates of project payback are key components of our technical reports.

Building Re-Tuning (BRT)

BRT is a systematic “low-cost/no-cost” approach to periodically re-commission a building to restore or exceed the building’s original energy performance.