PennTAP Helps Beverage Bottling Plant Save Over $85,000 in Water Costs

In 2015, a large beverage bottling plant in northeastern Pennsylvania planned to reduce its overall water usage by 25% over a ten-year period, ending in 2025. The plant’s goal was to increase profitability while reducing energy and environmental costs.
Based on the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the plant also identified six focus areas for improvement: agriculture, water, packaging, product, climate, and people. These were considered during PennTAP’s assessment. 

PennTAP Helps Poultry Processing Facility Make Process Improvements

This small family-owned poultry processor located in northeastern PA is a supplier of kosher turkeys, Cornish game hens, and chickens, which are processed and sold in different size packages. In the summer of 2019, the poultry processor came to PennTAP looking for general consulting on how to reduce their energy consumption.  

PennTAP Connects Small Metal Fabrication Company with Project Funding Opportunities

Mission Critical Solutions (MCS) is a metal fabrication company located in Alum Bank, Pennsylvania. It is a small business that is always looking for programs to offset capital expenditures and help them grow as a company.
In fall of 2019, MCS came to PennTAP looking for recommendations on upgrading both their onsite boiler system and the lighting system in their newly acquired machine shop.

FirstEnergy Foundation Provides Grant Funding for Small Business Projects

The Penn State College of Engineering’s Learning Factory provides an opportunity for businesses to sponsor a team of senior undergraduate engineering students to work on an engineering design project over the course of an entire semester. Since the inception of the FirstEnergy Foundation grant program in the fall of 2018, 34 businesses have utilized the FirstEnergy Foundation grant funds to help sponsor a Learning Factory project.

Building Re-Tuning Conference Helps PA Businesses Save Money on Operating Costs

PennTAP hosted a Building Re-Tuning and Operations Conference (BRTOC) on March 3, 2020 for managers and employees from throughout Pennsylvania who oversee the success of school and municipality building performance. Over 75 attendees learned about low and no-cost opportunities to enhance their building performance and optimize energy efficiency.