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Pennsylvania Technical Assistance Program

Helping businesses compete since 1965

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PennTAP Advanced IT Solutions

Typical questions PennTAP IT Advisors can answer:


  • How do we know our company has a secure connection to the internet?

  • What software or hardware could really help us with security?

  • Is backing up your data really necessary?

  • How do we recover from a computer disaster?

  • What is a Network? Wireless? The Cloud? or Broadband?

  • How do I get a website? A Facebook page? A blog? Or a mobile website?

  • How do we know our website & online marketing campaign are performing up to par?

  • What is Social Media Optimization? Does my business need it?



How can high-speed internet access help my business? 



Why PennTAP?

PennTAP is an unbiased source of technical assistance.  PennTAP has successfully assisted hundreds of clients with IT issues and is well connected with resources, both within and external to the university, that can also assist you.

To learn more contact

Donna Yale,

Advanced IT Team Lead

Phone: 570-596-3585