Building Re-tuning

Building Re-tuning (BRT)

Over time, wear and tear, improper operation, lack of maintenance, and changing use can lead to energy inefficiencies and increased operating costs in institutional, commercial, or industrial buildings. Building Re-tuning (BRT) is a low-cost approach to re-commission a building to restore or exceed its original performance.

PennTAP offers training and education intended to help those involved with building operations learn how to operate buildings more efficiently, reduce operating costs, and provide energy savings.

BRT Training Workshops

Thanks to a grant from the U.S. Department of Energy, PennTAP is working with partners from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection and the Pennsylvania College of Technology to provide a workshop that includes hands-on BRT and Building Operator Certification (BOC) training modules. Attendees of these workshops can:

  • conduct hands-on BRT walk-throughs
  • participate in BOC training modules required to maintain certification points
  • network with other facility managers, building operators, and financial personnel
  • share success stories on energy-efficient solutions and lessons learned
  • attend presentations focused on a variety of BRT/BOC topics

Contact PennTAP for more information on our BRT services, and check the events page for information on upcoming BRT workshops.