Advanced IT Solutions

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Information Technology (IT) is the use of computers to store, retrieve, share, and manipulate data. The Advanced IT Team takes these concepts one step further by applying them to the business world, understanding what tools an organization should use to allow it to achieve economic benefit.

PennTAP technical advisors assist small to midsize businesses and organizations in Pennsylvania to become more competitive through the use of information technology. PennTAP technical advisors are trained to help you with a variety of IT issues, but if necessary, they can also connect you to resources from the University and business communities for help with:

Broadband Assessments

An advisor will analyze your internet service to ensure your organization is obtaining the best and most affordable service available in your area. A full analysis of your internet tools will help ensure your optimal return on investment (ROI).

Security Assessments

An evaluation of your network, storage, and data-handling practices and processes will help your technical advisor to determine if your organization’s information is secure.

Website Assessments

A trained advisor will review your website’s layout, content, and navigation and make recommendations on how to make your site more visible through search engine optimization (SEO).

Website Builds and Upgrades

Building a new website or upgrading an existing website is an exciting project for an organization. Our experience and expertise can help you through the entire process providing value-added guidance from website best practices, design consideration, search engine optimization, request for quotes to developers, and more.

Technology Health Checks

Your PennTAP technical advisor will perform a thorough review of the technology, software, and processes to provide a report detailing how the business is faring with the information technology tools they are using.

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